What questions should I ask my doctor?

Be prepared before your appointment. You have a consult and their attention, make it count. This resource may help: “Questions to Ask webpage” which lists a number of important questions to ask your physician during your appointment.

Can my OB/GYN treat me?

Here’s the real talk, in many cases difficulty in becoming pregnant can be resolved by a gynecologist without a referral to a specialist. Often the problem comes down to sometime tricky timing of intercourse with ovulation, which may be resolved by using one of the over-the-counter urine ovulation predictor tests. Your OB/GYN can also conduct a basic infertility evaluation. If a problem is found during your evaluation and for more complex fertility issues, it is advised to see a specialist.

How can I find an infertility specialist?

This is an easy question to answer! Just visit RESOLVE’s Professional Service Directory to help you find an infertility specialist in your area or visit www.sart.org.